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Intelligent Design

The As Four circle bag may just be the Platonic form of a handbag. 

The circle-within-a-circle design echoes As Four's usual complex petal shapes, which in turn reference the mathematical perfection of nature itself.  At the same time, the design reduces the handbag to its simplest possible form.  The circle bag is amusing, intelligent, and intuitively appealing.  Which may be why it has been continually copied, even by other boldfaced name designers. 

AsFourKateSpade circle bag

Gabi, Ange, & Adi, the three remaining designers of As Four, are by turns flattered, amused, bored, and frustrated by the constant attention to the circle bag and its copies.  As Gabi told me when I visited their downtown studio, "Our designs show that we are an intelligent company; the bag shows that we are an entertainment company." 

Like most successful young designers, As Four is focused on the future, not the past.  In our conversation, the three agreed that they have neither the time, the money, nor the interest to pursue elusive legal remedies against copyists.  In any case, as Adi reminded me, "everyone knows we're the original one, the first." 

Luckily for As Four fans and other connoisseurs of authentic design, As Four and Kate Spade have teamed up to reissue the bag for the holidays.  Their design, her colors -- a choice of bright pink or orange with a preppy polka-dot interior, perfect for a tropical vacation.  And if you order online by noon tomorrow, Kate Spade will provide a free shipping upgrade for delivery by December 24.