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Introducing our Patron Saint/Avenging Angel

Counterfeit Chic's Patron Saint/Avenging Angel, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, probably didn't invent the "little black dress" -- but she was famous for popularizing it and inspiring innumerable imitations.  Her response?

Fashion should slip out of your hands.  The very idea of protecting the seasonal arts is childish.  One should not bother to protect that which dies the minute it is born.


Today, her eponymous house -- or at least its counsel -- is a bit less forgiving.  In recent ads, Chanel, Inc., reminded fashion editors and advertisers that "even if we are flattered by such tributes to our fame as 'Chanel-issme, Chanel-ed, Chanels and Chanel-ized', PLEASE DON'T.  Our lawyers positively detest them."

This legally offended/artistically flattered dichotomy has been echoed by designers from Marc Jacobs to As Four.  So which is it?  How come the lawyers always get blamed?  And what would Mademoiselle herself think?  If anyone is channeling Chanel, please let me know!


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Great choice for Patron Saint!

UGH! Dreadful choice for patron saint! Please, please pick someone other than that notorious collaborator and Nazi sympathizer who was kept by a German officer during the war (Nazi officer Hans Gunther von Dincklage)! Please pick someone who pays/paid his/her mannequins a living wage, rather than advising them to take lovers to make up the difference!

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