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Lite Reading for Holiday Travel

Usually planes and trains are good places to catch up on paperwork, but sometimes it's nice to have something more engaging to distract from thoughts of accidents, terrorists, or the guy beside you hogging the armrest.  For holiday travel, consider reading Candace Bushnell's Lipstick Jungle.  As you would expect from the creator of Sex and the City, it's a chicklit special, filled with best girlfriends, cityscapes, and yes, a few scenes that might raise the eyebrows of the sweet little old lady sitting on your other side and showing you pictures of her grandkids. 

Best of all, one of the main characters is a fashion designer who faces down a shady business partner/counterfeiter and goes on to fame and fortune. 

Lipstick Jungle 

And if you need an emergency last-minute gift when you get to your destination, just borrow some wrapping paper!


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