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A Trillion Little Bloggers Can't Be Wrong

Attention academia:  the paper of record has issued a challenge those who would dismiss fashion as mere frivolity. 

In yesterday's New York Times, which prominently featured fashion news in no less than 3 sections, including an above-the-fold picture on the front page, Guy Trebay described the process of trend-spotting:

A pattern emerges, and perhaps it is even one that contains unexpected meanings about where the culture is headed.  Maybe this seems like a nutty assertion to make in regard to fashion, which many still find it easy, if not intellectually obligatory, to dismiss.  But in a culture of surface it's a mistake to ignore the potency of any visual language. 

Given that the Times is obligatory reading on university campuses across the country -- few profs settle for the local paper, especially in if they happen to be in red states -- expect to see a new embrace of fashion and a rise in lectures like "Intertextuality and Intimate Apparel in the Interwar Period" or "Denim and Marxism:  The Androgynous (S)exploitation of Proletarian GarMENts."  And, predictably, a rise in complaints among a certain cadre about why nobody just studies Classics of Western Civilization anymore. 

Of course, it wouldn't be an intellectual challenge without a charming degree of condescension.  Trebay adds:

One good place to check out the number of playful tools for sartorial self-expression in a post-feminist era is the trillion little blogs on MySpace.com.  There are some plural ideas about what constitutes femininity these days....

Well, yes.  Your humble trillion-and-first little blogger said so two weeks ago, as have so many others (I particularly love Jack & Hill's recent post on Fashion as Free Speech). 

I suppose that a trillion little bloggers can't be wrong.  But it's nice of the Times to make it official.