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After a Nuclear Disaster...

...there will still be cockroaches -- and fakes on Canal Street in New York. 

Last Tuesday, LVMH announced a major settlement with a group of Canal Street landlords, in which the landlords agreed not only to ban the sale of counterfeit Louis Vuitton goods on their premises but also to post warning signs:

Last Wednesday, Mayor Bloomberg declared February to be Anticounterfeiting Month.  No doubt he and LVMH expected results like this: 

Empty Mall Shop

By last Thursday, however, there were no warning signs to be seen, and the knockoff business was up and running again:

LVMH Knockoffs

Although on Friday the presence of a photographer did make the proprietors a bit nervous:

But at least they didn't pull down the metal security gates and lock me inside the shop this time!


Maybe the legal victory against the owner and operator of Beijing's "Silk Street" shopping mall where fake luxory goods where sold has been a good subject for the landlords lof Canal street to accept this thing!

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