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Carnivale of Couture @ Counterfeit Chic: Invitation

Goodbye, Mardi Gras, hello Lent.  Today the last lost beads and stray feathers of Carnival are being swept off streets from Venezia to Rio to New Orleans.  Here in the fashion blogosphere, however, the Carnivale of Couture (and of course, the Paris Pret-a-Porter) goes on! 

In honor of the Academy Awards, our natural theme is

-- in all of its technicolor glory.  So put on your directors' chapeaux and cue your thoughts on

  • * runways, red carpets, and creativity (or lack thereof),
  • * what makes a red carpet faux pas (duplicate dresses?!),
  • * designers v. directors, stylists v. celebrities
  •      -- who starts fashion trends?,
  • * your favorite film/fashion collaborations of all time,
  • * why film is an "art" and fashion a "craft,"
  • * Hollywood, Bollywood, and Hong Kong
  •      -- the global film/fashion conection, 
  • * and, of course, Oscar Night.

RSVP with your links to your posts, and I'll publish them on Monday, March 6.  All are welcome -- and many thanks to The Manolo, our King of the Carnivale! 

P.S.  Blogroll update imminent!  (I've been a bit under the weather.)


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