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Carnivale of Couture @ Counterfeit Chic: Round 1

is the topic of this week's Carnivale of Couture, and the fashion blogosphere has responded with everything from critiques of Oscar Night to Hollywood history.  Here's the first round of posts:

The smart and stylish La Dulcinea of ShangriLaw names Jessica Alba (in her gold Versace) the Best Dressed for Oscar Night 2006;

While the detail-oriented bloggers of I am Fashion check out the total look and give the nod to Reese Witherspoon (in vintage Dior and a sincere smile);

And CoolChiq offers a whole slate of amusing awards (my condolences to a few of the "winners");

The very Fashionable Kiffen not only offers her take on last night's too-safe red carpet (with a few  standouts -- I'm with you on Charlize Theron's sculptural but controversial Dior), but reminds us of the role of trends & stylists -- and then acts as her own;

Meanwhile, Oscar Night is Judgment Day in the Blingdom of God;

Shoelover, whose clear plastic shoe boxes are a blessing to any fashionista's overstuffed closet, offers a very funny pictorial essay of red carpet faux pas (Caution!  Runaway breasts!);

Final Fashion reminisces about a childhood love of the classic Hollywood musical costumes that sparked her interest in design (and coincidentally fueled my own in ballroom dancing);

Verbal Croquis offers a fabulously informative (and cleverly catty!) insider's view of Hollywood fashion history -- a must-read for those of us charmed from childhood by the silver screen;

and don't forget a week of posts from Catwalk Queen!

P.S.  And let us not forget to thank the superfantastic Manolo, our King of the Carnivale, whose several superclever posts on the Oscars include both extraordinarily expensive and presumably quite tasty shoes ....


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