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Carnivale of Couture @ Counterfeit Chic: Round 2

Enjoy these additional posts from this week's Carnivale of Couture, a spectrum of

Hail to the Chief!  The amazingly smart and energetic Fashion Tribes EIC Lesley Scott shows us why her online magazine has its pulse on the many futures of fashion -- and gives us a look at the powerful stylists behind the curtain;

The intellectual sensualist La Retrosessuale of ShagriLaw entices us to the movies with the luscious descriptions of a true prose poet and a splash of acerbic wit;

Your humble Countefeit Chic checks out the Sims' virtual knockoffs of Oscar gowns and their legal implications; and

The discerning Bag Snob rouses herself from the boredom of a too-practical Oscar red carpet to cleverly skewer the unwary -- and prepare herself to host the next week's Carnivale of Couture!  (Click here for this week's earlier posts.) 

Once again, thanks to The Manolo -- and to Carnivale-goers everywhere!