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Counterfeit Chic's New "It" Bag

The sidewalks of New York's Soho neighborhood are cluttered with vendors selling copies of bags by Kate Spade and its masculine counterpart, Jack Spade -- often right outside the pair's respective boutiques.  Despite new legislation, legal actions, and periodic police raids, urban counterfeits are as persistent as cockroaches. 

This spring, however, Jack is fighting back. 

The company has taken a clever new approach to knockoffs:  if you can't beat 'em, parody 'em.  The Jack Spade "Chinatown Collection," which debuted in February during New York Fashion Week, takes cheap plastic "made in China" tote bags and rebrands them with a real Jack Spade label.  To drive the point home, the company even offers personalized monogramming of the bags -- check out Counterfeit Chic's stylish "CC" below.

The Jack Spade bag has everything that real counterfeits do:  flimsy construction, inferior materials, a low price, and an intentionally misleading trademark.  It also has one thing that most knockoffs don't:  a waiting list.   

Apparently Counterfeit Chic isn't the only one who appreciates Jack Spade's intelligent and amusing initiative.  In fact, everyone who sees this tote smiles.  Smart and funny -- what's not to like?  It's definitely our must-have bag for spring! 


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love it. am currently concoting a blog entry on knockoffs vs. "inspired by"... will of course let you know so you can see if it passes counterfeit chic muster when i get it done ;o)

Please do -- I'd love to link it!

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