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Knockoff Shopping with Tim Gunn

America's Dean of Fashion, Tim Gunn, told Out.com that he really is a big fan of Project Runway sponsor Banana Republic -- or at least of its knockoffs.  Here's his story:   

I had been associate dean for years and I wore Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers. I wore suits every day and that’s just the way it was. I came to the department of Fashion Design. I had been here for about a year and a half and I thought I was an old stick in the mud. I needed to slightly edge it up. So I thought, I need a black leather blazer. So I went to Saks Fifth Avenue and I found one. It was Hugo Boss. It was gorgeous, and it was $800. I gasped and I bought it, and I thought, There’s my clothing budget for the whole year. So I walked across the street into Rockefeller Center where the Banana Republic flagship store is. I hadn’t been in Banana Republic for years. There was a black leather blazer for $400, and the two of them were indiscernible from each other. So I bought it and took the other one back.

So, my guess is that Hugo Boss wasn't a Parsons alum.  But on Tim Gunn, Banana Republic is definitely counterfeit chic.

P.S.  Hat tip to Blogging Project Runway.


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what a great blog! I'm so glad that Tracey found you and we've featured you on Delightfulblogs.com


P.S. How much do you love Tim? He's my favorite part of Project Runway.

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