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Jihadi Faux?

OK, maybe Counterfeit Chic was a bit too skeptical.

In the past, I've wondered how much evidence there really is that sales of counterfeit goods fund terrorism.  While patriotic rhetoric can be sincere, sometimes it seems opportunistic or manipulative -- and any market defined as illegal has the potential to be exploited by organized crime or other bad guys.  Drugs or prostitution, for example.  Also, the link between fakes and terrorists always seems to be asserted on the basis of unspecified evidence.  After the story of weapons of mass destruction, I'd like something a bit more definite.  Finally, I have to admit that the stereotypical picture of a terrorist -- a fanatical, misogynistic young male who has spent time in a desert training camp -- doesn't seem to imply intimate knowledge of the latest styles from Louis Vuitton or Prada.  But then, by now we should all know better than to underestimate a foe.

Last week in Maryland, a traffic stop yielded a cache of counterfeit Nike sneakers, LV and Coach handbags, additional illegal merchandise -- and a CD titled "Jihad Freedom for the Slaves."  Not dispositive, but at least suspicious.