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Buy an Original, Win a Prize

We interrupt our series of jewelry posts at Counterfeit Chic to bring you this newsflash:

Geoffrey A. Fowler at the Wall Street Journal reports today that Disney is enlisting Chinese consumers "to help it weed out counterfeit products" -- by offering prizes to those who buy the real thing.  The genuine products include red hologram stickers, which customers can peel off, attach to a form, and send in to win prizes ranging from DVDs to trips to Disneyland (in Hong Kong).  Apparently, "[s]ome customers have even called the company to alert it to retailers selling [presumably fake] products without the stickers...."  At the same time, Disney is building a database of consumers lured by the promotion.

Love the technique or hate it, this may be Disney's most enticing vision since Walt's (allegedly) China white-induced dreams.


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