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Counterfeit Misprint

Judgmentalist posted the photo below on Flickr.  Take a close look at the label of the pair of jeans on top of the stack.

Apparently a Thai denim counterfeiter stored a number of different logos in the computer, ready to print labels on demand -- but there was a bug in the software.  Thus instead of printing a counterfeit label, a line of incorrect code appeared on the tag.

And judging from the comments on Flickr, the jeans with the broken code label are more in demand than the faux/real thing!


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Does commenting on your blog violate the Honor Code? Anyway, how do you know that a counterfeiter did this? Couldn't it have been a glitch at the actual factory, and the jeans just went into the "sell to third-party" pile?

Just so long as you don't comment on the blog during the exam (when you shouldn't be able to access the internet anyway....)

It's entirely possible that the jeans are legit "seconds," a suggestion made online to the photographer. The venue is certainly suspicious, though.

In any case, I think they're quite hip. Computer code in art was much more in vogue a decade or two ago, but it has yet to really hit fashion. Such a style seems perfect for the fashion-nerd set (and as such, is particularly suited for marketing to bloggers).

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