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Escape to Reality

Counterfeit Chic and her distinguished escort, Blingdom of God, emerged from their computers last night to drop by the festivities at the combined launch party for Coutorture and celebration of Verbal Croquis' winning the Perrier Bubbling Under Award for Design in the Gen Art competition.  Many congratulations to the remarkably energetic Julie & Phil of Coutorture and the fabulously talented Zoe of VC!

Not only was the event a wonderful opportunity to match faces with blogs (Fashion Tribes, Final Fashion, Stereoette, I Am Pretty NYC, Beauty News, and many more), but it seems that every young designer or design world affiliate has a knockoff story to tell.  Watch this space for details.

And don't even think about copying Zoe's award-winning collection.  There were at least 4 legal types at the party and, difficulties with the law aside, we've got her back.

Thanks to our gracious hosts, Julie & Phil!


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