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Knocked Off Knockoffs?

Apparently the global "fast fashion" giant H&M doesn't like being copied any more than its luxury siblings do. 

H&M has hired MarkMonitor to keep tabs on online auction sales of H&M counterfeits and grey market goods (legitimate H&M products sold through unauthorized channels):

"We suspected that our products were being sold illegally online and have not had the tools to track down and identify the perpetrators until we used Auction Monitoring," said Bjorn Norberg, General Counsel at H&M. "With MarkMonitor's solution, we can automate and more efficiently uncover the profile of those responsible and take immediate action to shut down their illegal auction listings. MarkMonitor will help us to better utilize internal resources by effectively scaling a previously time-consuming process, enhance the overall security of the company with in-depth monitoring of online fraud activities, and minimize revenue losses from counterfeit and gray market goods, so we can continue to provide quality fashion at the affordable prices that we are known for."

So on the one hand H&M is fighting counterfeiters, and on the other hand it's fighting the perception that some of its designs are themselves -- ahem -- less than original.  Of course, partnering with Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney to do one-time, immediately-sold-out special collections for H&M goes a long way toward establishing design street cred.  Now, about the rest of the clothes....  But then again, if H&M is being copied, it must be doing something right.

Hat tip to the aptly named Runway Scoop, a font of interesting fashion industry information and commentary.