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"Real" Espadrilles?

For several summers the humble peasant shoe known as the espadrille has been adorning the feet of the fashion flock, initially as a traditional flat shoe and more recently in ever higher, more fanciful, and more expensive versions. 

But at what point is an espadrille no longer an espadrille?

To start by giving credit where it's due, espadrilles apparently go back several centuries and are associated with the south of France and with Spain, especially Catalonia.  In their most basic form, they consist of woven rope soles sewn to a canvas upper.  Today many have rubber bottoms attached to the soles, but true purists eschew such modern innovations.

So what if we embellish and reshape them?

Cross them with flip-flops?

Sam & Libby espadrille

Turn the heel into a wedge?

Kors espadrille

Dip the whole thing into a turquoise dye bath?

Dior espadrille

Raise them to sky-high levels and invite cobbler extraordinaire Christian Louboutin to personalize them?

It seems that authentic peasant fashion, like cucina povera, has come a long way from its humble roots.  But the good news for longtime espadrille makers is that traditional or "artisanal" versions can cost more than five times as much as modernized copies -- though still orders of magnitude less than the "designer" versions.

So will whoever is wearing "real" espadrilles please stand up?  Or better yet, walk away and "borrow" a new trend?