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Valedictory Chic

In recognition of yesterday's graduation day at the Yale Law School, Counterfeit Chic would like to congratulate the fabulous ladies of ShangriLaw, as well as all of her former students.  The hallowed halls will surely be less stylish without you, but it is sincerely hoped that your influence will linger on like an expensive perfume.  And of course, the legal profession could use a makeover as well!

As the real intention of an alma mater is to impose alumni/ae obligations forevermore, here is your first task:  to find and eliminate all faux Yale merchandise (like the T-shirt pictured on Flickr, below).  Note that the offending garment already has prison bars imprinted on the front.  Unflattering fakes from competing New England institutions are, of course, fair game.

Counterfeit Chic also just spent a lovely semester at Georgetown and congratulates her wonderful D.C. graduates, as well. 

Hail and farewell!