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Allied Powers

Here's more on the new US-EU joint effort to combat counterfeiting, in the form of a WSJ editorial collectively authored by the US Secretary of Commerce, the European Commission Vice President for Enterprise and Industry, the EU Trade Commissioner, and the USTR. 

Rhetorically, the focus is on not-so-chic counterfeiting:

Twenty years ago, counterfeiting might have been regarded as a problem chiefly for the makers of expensive handbags.  In the 1980s, 70% of firms affected by counterfeiting were in the luxury sector.  But in 2004, more than 4.4 million items of fake foodstuffs and drinks were seized at EU borders, an increase of 196% over the previous year.  In the U.S., seizures of counterfeit computers and hardware tripled from 2004 to 2005.  There are also fake electrical appliances, car parts adn toys.  Even airplane parts are being pirated:  The Concorde crash of 2000 appears to have  been caused by a counterfeit part that had fallen off another aircraft. 

Good point.  The next time I buy an airplane, I'm going for the real deal.