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Et Tu, Your Honor?

Counterfeit Chic recently attended a gathering that included a distinguished member of the judiciary.  When a drink was accidentally splashed on her quilted "Chanel" handbag, the elegantly attired judge graciously pardoned the offender.  "Don't worry about it," she said.  "It's not real -- it's just some piece of plastic."


I think it is great. It is true nonsense to pay so much for a "real" handbag.

All power to her for not wasting her money.

If the bag holds things and looks nice. Why not?

P.S. As long as it does not have a fake label. (Did I miss the point of the post?)

Oh my gosh, that is too perfect (that you were present to see this happen I mean! ;)

No, no fake logo -- but I still couldn't help laughing at the judge's response. (Perhaps she was thinking of trade dress protection -- the quilting, chain handle, and shape all screamed "Chanel.")

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