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Museum-Quality Fakes

Counterfeit Chic has previously pondered why it is that museums and museum-goers prefer the display of original works over copies, particularly when the vast majority of viewers can't tell the difference. 

Apparently the Nassau County Art Museum has no such existential concerns.

WWD reports that a new exhibition, "Art and Fashion:  From Marie Antoinette to Jacqueline Kennedy," required a degree of curatorial resourcefulness:

Unable to borrow any of Kennedy's dresses from her White House years from the Smithsonian Institution, the NCMA turned to local students to re-create her signature look, said director Constance Schwartz. Fashion students at Nassau Community College designed the dresses for the exhibition.

The museum also posthumously honored one of Jackie's favorite designers, Oleg Cassini, with a lifetime achievement award.  Which is only appropriate, given that he was accused of making knockoffs of European designs for Jackie.

In other words, the museum may have commissioned copies of copies for the display.  Maybe the gift shop carries originals?


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