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Burberry Checked

Burberry's new CEO, Angela Ahrendts, has big plans for the British luxury brand, including the development of new logos to supplement the iconic check.  According to today's Wall Street Journal:

The new strategy may help Burberry solve a major problem facing Ms. Ahrendts:  plaid overexposure.  In recent years, the company attached its plaid to too many products and its brand image slid, with even British soccer hooligans wearing it.  Exacerbating the problem was counterfeit goods. 

What, no more tan tartan?  Have the arbiters of aesthetics and persistent counterfeiters unwittingly joined forces to rid the world of plaid?  Is the era of chav chic at an end?  Not so fast:

"We will always have the check," said Ms. Ahrendts yesterday. 

(Sigh.)  How romantic.  In fact, a bit of digital wizardry could create an inspired new ad campaign.  Cue Humprey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, standing in the fog at a remote airstrip, under a Burberry plaid umbrella, both wearing Burberry trench coats.  As Ilsa's -- sorry, Ingrid's -- eyes shine with unshed tears, Bogart says stoically, "We'll always have plaid." 

A tragedy on so many levels.



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