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Say It Ain't So, Michael

In today's earlier post, Counterfeit Chic noted that esteemed Project Runway judge and fashion designer Michael Kors may have had self-interested reasons to be a bit soft on Marla's knockoff in Season 2. 

"Surely not Michael!" came the response.

Oh no?  Take a look at the signature Jack Rogers design below:

And then at the Michael Kors:

Differences?  Of course.  Heel height, as noted earlier, as well as toe ring versus thong, wooden heel, and greater separation between the toe decoration and the band over the arch.  Still, not much of a creative leap.

I must say that I actually quite like Michael Kors' work.  He designs elegant sportswear that is on trend but not trendy, appropriate for women over the age of 16 but not frumpy.  Even his diffusion lines are on point. 

However, his accessories designer apparently cut a few corners this season -- which may be why the sandals ended up at a discount store (albeit with a higher pricetag than the Jack Rogers originals).