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Tourist Trap

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In Italy, unlike the U.S., a purchaser of counterfeit goods may be subject to a fine.  Above, a sign in Venice warns unsuspecting tourists of the hidden costs of bargain bags.


Hi Susan,

June 13, I blogged about 'Debunking the Chinese Tourist in Europe story' http://ipdragon.blogspot.com/2006/06/debunking-chinese-tourist-in-europe_13.html .

Although a 300.000 Euro fine and a 3 year prison sentence will probably not materialise as the urban legend had it, the contours of the direction smart Intellectual Property Rights Protection policy is taking are becoming more clear: awareness creation, so when infringement takes place it is with intent, so criminal enforcement can take place, if the law of the legislation allows for it.

IP Dragon

Here is a similar warning sign in Florence...


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