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Counterfeit Coffee Break 2

Tomorrow is the first day of school.  My office is set up, my syllabi and lecture notes are ready, I've double-checked to make sure that the bookstore ordered the right books, and I even know my class schedule (I think). 

All of which means that it's time for a counterfeit coffee break. 

From thoughtful reader Nicola Searle comes the Iranian "Star Box Coffee:"

In China, Starbucks actually won a trademark case against another imitator, the Shanghai Xingbake Coffee Shop:

In Hong Kong, communism and commerce make for a memorable blend (or as photographer Janelbot put it, "Maobucks?"):

While in Taiwan, it's fit for a king:

Japan offers a variety of caffeinated options, all suspiciously familiar:

But in Vietnam, just hold the cream and make it "Starblack":

In Thailand, counterfeit coffee has a French flavor:

Then again, there are those who prefer to make a more direct statement:

Or have simply had a bit too much caffeine: