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From Russia with Love

A warm welcome to Counterfeit Chic's Russian readers, and many thanks to Gazeta.ru for the nice mention! 

An article on "Fashionable Blogomania" describes some favorite fashion websites (you'll recognize some familiar names in Roman characters!), and concludes with an interesting observation about blogging and its relationship to the way fashion itself exists as an ongoing conversation between the street and the runway (translation courtesy of my multitalented and most esteemed colleague, spouse, and web designer):

Why do they do it?  All bloggers have the same goal:  to express their own opinion.  An opinion, even of a critic who is not a professional, is significant -- a consumer votes with her pocketbook.  In the end, style is created for the consumer, and not for advertising pages in thick magazines.  The street reworks and adapts ideas and then, altered beyond recognition, they again return to the runway to inspire a new cycle of changes. 

A most democratic sentiment for a stylish, post-Soviet fashion scene