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MaXXXimum Confusion

Some defendants are accused of counterfeiting clothes, others are accused of counterfeiting their absence.

From the same federal district court in Florida that brought you Hooters v. Winghouse comes a lawsuit by laddie magazine Maxim against the unaffiliated Maxxim Men's Club and Steakhouse.  Typical trademark litigation to be sure, but the claim that the magazine's trademark and Dennis Publishing's reputation have been harmed by association with an establishment in which "female employees perform lewd and sexually explicit dances" strains credulity.  Confused?  Check out Maxim magazine's online "Girls of Maxim" page, which includes more than a few pole-worthy poses.

The real story lies in not only in the newsclip by WWD, but in the details reported by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.  Apparently Dennis Publishing has pending trademark registrations for restaurants (including Maxim Steakhouse), nightclubs, and entertainment service (including Club Maxim).  A profit maximization strategy indeed -- though I suspect that Maxim Stripper has little to fear, for now.