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If Ibsen Were a Project Runway Fan

Blogging Project Runway reports that the garments created on the reality TV show have been knocked off and sold -- in miniature.  Fans are apparently buying elaborately costumed dolls (where else?) on eBay. 

From this season's first episode, here is former Barbie designer Robert Best's dress (front and back views):

And Robert's former client all dolled up:

Episode 2 winner Kayne Gillaspie dressed Miss USA Tara Conner for her trip to the Miss Universe competition, and inspired a small-scale counterpart as well:

Legal?  Sure, apart from any misuse of the show's trademarked name or copyrighted images in the auction listings, or perhaps rights of publicity concerns in the case of Miss USA.  So long as full-sized knockoffs are legal, so are the doll-sized versions. 

Of course, in Ibsen's version, the doll would someday awaken and design her own outfit....