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School of Hard Knockoffs

When Gerard Murray founded the urban sportswear company School of Hard Knocks, he didn't expect it to become a multimillion-dollar empire.  He probably also didn't expect one of life's hard knocks to come in the form of knockoffs. 

Murray, pictured below in a Network Journal profile from 2003, wears a T-shirt with his company logo:

And here's a version from Target, imported by Multinational Trading Co., with the same theme but a more Ivy League vibe:

SOHK Sportswear has filed a complaint alleging that Target's T-shirts infringe SOHK's trademarks and violate New York state law.  While SOHK presumably doesn't claim to have coined its trademarked phrase, it has been in the apparel business under the same name for 13 years.  And now it intends to take the retail giant to school.