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Parade of Horribles

Radar's Dale Hrabi has "discovered" the inspiration for some of this season's most horrible handbags -- in horror movies.  Below is Exhibit F, one of seven sartorial creations that bear strange resemblence to cinematic creatures:

Charm and Luck purse with Predator

Copyright concerns?  Hardly -- even if Radar had tapped designers' secret source of new styles, any actual copying would be too minimal to raise the spectre of infringement of the moviemakers' right to prepare derivative works.  And while I'm not an expert on extraterrestrial rights, I doubt that this Predator could claim rights of publicity with respect to his (her? its?) image. 

So banish the ghoulish rules, and get to work on accessorizing your Halloween costume!

Many thanks to my creative Georgetown student David Barzelay for the link.