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Status, Style, or Something Else?

It began with the now-complete transformation of secondhand clothes into "unique vintage looks." Then there was Vogue's celebration of "dresses by anonymous" last year.  This morning, the Boston Globe offered an article on "stealth wealth."  In short, reports indicate a steady decline of overexposed, easily recognizable designs and head-to-toe logos, at least among certain fashion insiders. 

But is this search for the nouveau niche just another form of status seeking, now that heavyweight luxury brands (real or fake) are available on the internet 24/7?  Or are fashion-conscious consumers actually taking the opportunity to engage in sartorial self-expression?  Counterfeit Chic suspects (and applauds) the latter -- label-lusting copycats may achieve a certain status, but rarely will they display individual style.  And surely as complex a human behavior as wearing clothes can't be reduced to a single motive. 

So, who are you wearing?