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What Would Schiaparelli Do?

Step aside, Miss Manners -- the European Court of Justice isn't convinced that matching one's handbag to one's shoes is a fashion necessity. 

In the words of a trademark judgment handed down by the court of first instance and affirmed by the ECJ:

[T]he applicant has failed to demonstrate, during either the proceedings before OHIM [Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market] or those before the Court, that this aesthetic or subjective complementary nature has reached the stage of a true aesthetic "nececessity" in the sense that consumers would think it unusual or shocking to carry a bag which does not perfectly match their shoes.

And lest there be any confusion, the court futher noted that handbags and shoes have different purposes, "shoes being used to dress feet and bags to carry objects."  All Counterfeit Chic can say is that it's a good thing we have highly trained legal professionals writing these opinions.

And yet...what would the fabulous mid-twentieth-century couturiere Elsa Schiaparelli have to say about such a narrow sartorial mindset?  Consider the visual evidence:

And the more recent creations of Tinuola Arowolo: 

Clearly shoes are far more versatile than the distinguished members of the court have opined!

Hat tip:  IP Talk