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Who's the Most L.A. of All?

As talented Project Runway Season 2 contestant Andrae Gonzalo notes, Los Angeles is the city that has "raised artifice to an art form."  So perhaps his warning that his infamous "I'm so L.A." T-shirt -- the one that he as wearing during his emotional runway meltdown -- and been copied and copied again is not unexpected.

Andrae Gonzalo T


Legal?  Unfortunately for Andrae, probably.  Although graphic designs are copyrightable subject matter, short phrases are not.  Could he have trademarked the phrase, "I'm so L.A."?  Possibly, if weren't considered too common.  Of course, the design itself could certainly serve as a trademark -- think New York State's battle to protect its "I [heart] NY" logo.  The alleged knockoffs in this case, however, are too different to fall into that trap.

Interested in an Andrae original?  He guarantees that it is "100% made and printed in Los Angeles....  No overseas kids in China sewing these shirts for 50 cents a day.  It's the real deal."  So head over to Andrae's blog or look for his signature on the T's. 

And coming soon for female fans:  Genuine L.A. fake breasts to fill out the authentic "I'm so L.A." T's.  Abs not included.


Haha yeah the knock offs are almost so ridiculous. I might want to get one!

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