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Line-for-Line Knockoff

Some people are shopaholics, others are fashion victims, and a few are even consumer triumphalists (marching under the venerable banner, "Veni, Vidi, Visa!").  But there's only one Professor of Obsessive Consumption, graphic design prof Kate Bingaman of MSU.  After spending 28 months documenting her purchases with whimsical line drawings, she is now in the process of drawing her credit card statements -- a task that will continue until they are paid off. 

But in the meantime, shopping trips continue to inspire, as evidenced by the Louis Vuitton lookalike cosmetic bag that Kate found -- and caricatured -- during a recent trip to Wal-Mart:

Walmart Vuitton knockoff

Many thanks to Rob Walker for introducing me to Kate's website via his own marvelously all-consuming online venue, Murketing.  And if you happened to miss Rob's "Consumed" column in yesterday's New York Times Magazine, by all means pull it out of your recycling bin.  This week is on the vogue for eco-friendly bamboo, which appears to be driven in part by the fact that bamboo is so good at mimicking other things.  Counterfeit chic, indeed!