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Pilgrim's Regress

Happy Thanksgiving to friends of Counterfeit Chic -- you all are certainly something for which to be thankful this year!  As those of you in the U.S. enjoy your turkey dinners tonight and prepare to start the Christmas shopping season tomorrow, here's a look back to another Pilgrim who was knocked off -- and the author's response.

An excerpt from John Bunyan, The Pilgrim's Progress (1679 & 1684), The Author's Apology of Part II, "The Author's Way Of Sending Forth His Second Part Of The Pilgrim":

Go now my little Book, to every place
Where my first Pilgrim has but shewn his Face:

. . .

1 Objection

But how if they will not believe of me
That I am truly thine, 'cause some there be
That counterfeit the Pilgrim and his name,
Seek by disguise to seem the very same,
And by that means have wrought themselves into
The hands and houses of I know not who?


'Tis true, some have of late, to counterfeit
My Pilgrim, to their own my Title set;
Yea others half my Name and Title too
Have stitched to their Book, to make them do;
But yet they by their Features do declare
Themselves not mine to be, whose ere they are.

If such thou meetst with, then thine only way
Before them all is to say out thy say,
In thine own native language, which no man
Now useth, nor with ease dissemble can.
If after all they still of you shall doubt,
Thinking that you like Gipsies go about
In naughty wise the Country to defile,
Or that you seek good people to beguile
With things unwarrantable; send for me,
And I will testifie you Pilgrims be;
Yea, I will testifie that only you
My Pilgrims are; and that alone will do.