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Shod for Success

As a law professor, I regularly receive questions from students about appropriate dress for interviews, etc., which I am happy to answer.  Still, while clothing is not only about individual self-expression but about communicating membership in particular social groups, it is nevertheless a bit disheartening that the sartorial aspects of one's legal education are directed to little more than conformity.  (Learn to think like a lawyer, learn to speak like a lawyer, learn to dress like a lawyer....)

It was thus with great glee that I read the response of the internet shoe bard extraordinaire, The Manolo, to the proud but concerned mother of a newly minted young attorney.  It takes true talent to craft a recommendation so simultaneously accurate and scathing.

The Manolo suggests Albion by Ben Sherman

The Manolo was, of course, too polite to address the other question implicit in the request for advice.  Mum, if your darling boy is so successful, why are you still picking out his shoes?