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Brand Loyalty

Most fashion loyalties aren't even skin deep.  During fashion weeks and party seasons, it's common practice for celebutantes and publicity-seekers to hop from one event to the next, changing clothes in the limo in between.  After all, it wouldn't do to show up at one designer's event in another's frock.

Then there are the dyed-in-the-wool fanatics, willing to inscribe logos from Harley-Davidson to Ralph Lauren permanently on their bodies in the form of tattoos.  Call it tribalism meets branding.

And now, for those whose version of commitment means a few weeks or so, Popular Heresy has uncovered (and offered interesting commentary on) a via media of brand loyalty: 

Kanye West with Fendi logo

If Kanye West's coif sparks the imagination of Fendi's marketing department, it could result in some interesting spokesmodel contracts.  On the other hand, would an injunction against an undesirable representative require a close shave?