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Christmas Cookies

Baked Ideas Burberry cookieNeed a counterfeit coffee break in the midst of the last-minute holiday scramble?  Or maybe you forgot to buy cookies to leave under the Christmas tree for Santa? 

Look no further -- Baked Ideas, the New York cookie bakery founded by fine artist Patti Paige, has "borrowed" a few images and transformed them into sweet treats.  From the Burberry cookie, left, to Chanel, Tiffany, Coach, and Paul Frank, to name a few, luxury brand designs nestle among more plebian logos (Brillo cookies?!) and creative concepts (the gingerbread men in yoga poses are my personal fave).

So, is all of this icing licensed?  I didn't ask.  But should these ideas prove to be legally half-baked, it's easy enough to eat the evidence. 

Baked Ideas Starbucks cookie