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Counterfeit Quiz

Would you buy a counterfeit?  And if so, would you admit it?

Nicole Hasselfeld, a student at the University of Redlands in California, has created an animated game to provoke discussion of the answers to these very questions.  Counterfeit Mania will take you on a gender-specific shopping trip for the real -- or fake -- objects of your desire, rewarding you along the way with unexpectedly funny pop-ups and stock characters.  There's even an opportunity for buyer's remorse, prompted by some frequent justifications for buying, or not buying, copies.  Once you've acquired your prize, Nicole will leave you with a few suggestions for futher reflection -- so head over to her blog afterwards and share your thoughts. 

The animation is clever, the topic is timely, and best of all, Nicole credits Counterfeit Chic with inspiring her project.  So what are you waiting for?