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Cupcake Comedy

Regular Counterfeit Chic readers may remember Johnny Cupcakes, the T-shirt designer who allegedly got burned by Urban Outfitters and fought back.  But where is Johnny now?

I'm happy to report that the intrepid cupcake baker went back to the kitchen and whipped up a series of new designs, which are available both online and at his Newbury Street boutique in Boston.  Whether or not inspired by his brush with intellectual property law, Johnny also seems to have developed a taste for transforming famous images.

What would happen, for example, if a postretirement Michael Jordan indulged in a few too many cupcakes?

Johnny Cupcakes JMan design

Or if E.T. had preferred cupcakes to Reese's Pieces?

Or if one of Johnny's own cupcakes were inspired by the name of another much-copied, trendy clothing line?

It seems that Johnny has managed to turn tragedy into comedy -- and his newest designs are just the icing on the cake.