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Faux Flickering Flames

One of New York's most cherished modern Christmas traditions is the WPIX-TV Yule Log, a 6 1/2-minute film of a roaring fire in a handsome brass grate that is broadcast for hours on end, accompanied by a holiday soundtrack.  The faux flames, which burned from 1966 to 1989 and then returned to the screen in 2001, are the perfect holiday touch for apartment-dwellers and others more accustomed to gathering around the television than the hearth. 

Naturally, there's a knockoff -- the high definition version on INHD.

In the spirit of Christmas copying, Counterfeit Chic offers the "Canal Street Yule Log," a seized property "burn" sent courtesy of a fabulous reader.   It may not flicker, but you get the picture.  Holiday screensaver, anyone?

And like the real fake flame, you can pan out every so often to get the big picture:

Now, who's got the marshmallows?