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Study Break

For most of you, it's the holiday season.

For academic types, it's exam season.  My students are (presumably!) studying for exams, I've been composing exams, and I have a stack of term papers on my desk, all ready for the red pen.  (Actually, I usually use green.  Red ink makes the papers look a bit too much like I've attacked them with a stiletto -- as in knife, not shoe.)

However, a study break is in order -- not just to celebrate Hanukkah (with whatever combination of h's, ch's, and k's you prefer), but also to shop for last-minute gifts and festive apparel.  If you're in New York, head down to Emmett McCarthy's Nolita boutique, EMc2, tonight to meet Chloe Dao of Project Runway Season 2 fame, or on Tuesday to meet America's dean of fashion, Tim Gunn. 

In between, drop by Kelima K's nearby boutique for limited-edition dresses or -- if the holiday season has prompted a long-awaited proposal -- a made-to-measure wedding gown.  Kelima's creations are so cleverly draped that they're virtually impossible to knock off, but more on that another day.  In the meantime, good things come in 3's:

Happy holidays!