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Father What-a-Waste

First the pope wore Prada -- or not.  Now Versace has got religion, after a fashion.

Former Catholic schoolgirls (and some schoolboys) from the days before scandals and lawsuits rocked the Church will remember Father What-a-Waste -- the handsome, young, charismatic priest in almost every parish who inspired everyone from giggling adolescents to little old ladies to "love thy neighbor."  Alas, celibacy.

Donatella Versace has copied the look for a collection based on Father Georg Gaenswein, the pope's handsome -- and much gossiped-about -- private secretary.  (The question, of course, is exactly how private.)  In addition to his priestly duties, Father G is a tennis player and an amateur pilot.  What's next -- a Vatican lifestyle collection? 

No word on whether Versace intends to tithe a portion of the profits.