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Knockoff News 48

A weekly (or thereabouts) collection of news about counterfeits, fakes, knockoffs, replicas, imitations, and the culture of copying in general around the globe:

And finally, an allegedly treif trademark use, brought to you courtesy of the letter "K":


Of course, the complaining New Jersey company doesn't really own the letter "K," which is not registrable on its own.  Kof-K owns a mark consisting of the Roman letter "K" printed inside the Hebrew letter "kof," one of dozens of kosher certification marks currently registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 

So even if Kof-K isn't willing to supervise production and certify Tight Fit Productions' products as kosher, surely someone will volunteer for the job....

UPDATE:  For a tasty and tasteful take on this issue, check out the inimitable Likelihood of Confusion.