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Purse Party Planners on Trial

Remember when police busted up parties because teenagers were playing their music too loud?  Now it's their moms who have to worry. 

A front-page story in yesterday's Washington Post reports that a father-and-son team are scheduled to go on trial today for supplying counterfeit purses to everyone from suburban hostesses to mall kiosks in the D.C. area.  Following up a tip from a purse partygoer who suspected -- shock! -- that $40 Prada bags and their ilk weren't exactly on the level , federal agents ultimately seized some 30,000 handbags from a Northern Virginia warehouse. 

Perhaps even more interesting were over 100 phony Kate Spade labels stashed in a desk drawer at the warehouse, waiting to be affixed to otherwise legally untouchable "generic" bags -- which may just happen to look exactly like the designer originals.  As the article notes:

Court documents say the Ohris were told by some malls to stop selling counterfeit goods but ignored the warnings. But Suzette Timme, general manager of the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, where the family operated two kiosks, said mall security never noticed any problem.

"They were just selling generic bags with no labels," Timme said. 

Sounds like this time the authorities found the smoking glue gun.

Many thanks to both my former Georgetown law student Jacob Howley and my father for sending the story (told you I was a native Washingtonian!).