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Von Dutch Treat

Remember a few years ago, when Von Dutch trucker hats were inexplicably "in," appearing on the heads of celebrities around the globe ... and then teenagers at the mall ... and then tourists buying fakes on Canal Street? 

Now that the brief trend has been filed in the "what were people thinking?" category, and Von Dutch hats aren't exactly the popular target of copyists that they used to be, the brand's New York boutique has created a new window display.

The T-shirt caption reads:

Use any of my stuff you want to.  Nothing is original!  Everything is in the subconscious, we just "tap" it sometimes and think we have originated something.  Genes make us more or less interested in certain things but nothing is truely [sic] original!  Copyrights and patents are mostly an ego trip. 

In other words, "Copy us please -- we need to prove that we're still cool"?  Not so much.  Otherwise folks might simply take the store's advice and buy a cheaper fake.

Then again, the T-shirt doesn't say anything about copying the Von Dutch trademarks, which were the real target