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"Fake Classic" at Prada

Directional designer Miuccia Prada describes the concept for her Fall 2007 runway collection as "fake classic," with "no shapes, no volume, no couture, just something with very simple materials and colors."

Simple for Prada, that is.

The collection, created from Prada's characteristic experimental fabrics, included pieces that resembled everything from fur and feathers to shag carpet.  There was, however, no actual fur; apparently it's currently so common that Prada is "bored" with it.  At least one PETA protester was fooled and leapt onto the Milan runway with an anti-fur poster anyway -- or perhaps he just couldn't change plans quickly enough. 

Then again, few of us can keep up with Prada's forward-looking (if frankly not always flattering) vision. 

Fall 2006: Real fur sleeves on photo-print coat (Style.com); Fall 2007: Fuzzy fake (IHT).