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Harper's Happening

The mood at the 3rd annual Harper's Bazaar Anticounterfeiting Summit last Thursday was more somber than in years past.  From publisher Valerie Salembier's continued focus on child labor conditions, to New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's description of counterfeits funding the Madrid bombings, to attorney Alain Coblence's description of the impact of knockoffs on American designers, the message was one of a steadily increasing problem.

On the bright side, lunch was lovely.  (So much for my regularly claiming that this is not one of those websites about what the blogger had for lunch.)  And oh yes, Harper's is preparing to launch a website of its own, fakesareneverinfashion.com -- complete with a shopping portal to guide consumers to genuine goods. 

In the meantime, here are the articles on counterfeits and design piracy from the January issue of the magazine, as well as a few reports on the summit itself: