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Yankee Go Home

Although fashion journalists play an important role in disseminating information and enforcing social norms against copying, among other things, their negative comments are seldom appreciated.  New York Times critc Cathy Horyn, in particular, has drawn designers' ire of late, and she has reportedly been banned from the shows of Carolina Herrera, Nicole Miller, and Dolce & Gabbana. 

After Horyn's description of the trousers in Giorgio Armani's signature collection as "limp and clingy as gym pants," she may be exiled from the realm of Armani as well.  Although she denies ANSA's report that King George exiled her from the Emporio Armani show, which she hadn't planned to attend anyway, her diplomatic immunity has certainly been revoked.

Today's WWD quotes the Italian designer's reaction:

I wonder what kind of eyeglasses she's wearing....  She has the right to write; I have the right to keep her out....  If she would have said, 'I don't like it,' I would have accepted it. That would have been a commentary, while instead what she published was bull----.  I'm a true creative, not like the Americans who copy.

Ouch.  It seems that nobody likes Americans these days -- not that we've made ourselves particularly welcome. 

But who are these American copyists to whom Signor Armani refers?  It sounds like there's another story here.

Armani takes a bow