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Bracelet Bandits?

When the blogosphere suspected Chanel of knocking off Jessica Kagan Cushman's witty scrimshaw bracelets, the response from her fans was swift and decisive.  In the words of one commenter, "It is such a blatant knockoff of such a cool bracelet. I own the real thing made of mammoth tusk NOT plastic. Girls, please don't wear these instead go to Barneys and get the real thing by Jessica Kagan Cushman!"

Of course, Fashionista.com, which first noticed the resemblance, had actually encouraged a bit of DIY knockoff action in a feature involving plastic bracelets, Sharpie pens, and clear nail polish.  Apparently personal copies are one thing, alleged commercial copies -- with a waiting list and a pricetag to match -- are another.

Despite the editorial support and the copyright protection available to jewelry, the designer has little legal recourse here.  The mere idea of inscribing words on a bracelet can't be protected, and Chanel's black plastic is unlikely to mistaken for ivory.  Jessica, however, still managed to get the last laugh:

HT:  Frillr