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Getting Under Their Skin

Viking berserkers wore bearskins into battle to channel the beasts' legendary ferocity.  Imagine, then, what slipping into David Beckham's skin would do for your weekend soccer game.  

In preparation for Beckham's impending move to LA, Mighty Fine's Public Library label has created T-shirts mimicking his famous tattoos, including his "guardian angel" and the names of his two oldest sons.  The shirts, available from the trendy Hollywood boutique Kitson, are printed on the inside and come in both men's and women's sizes.

But is this 100% cotton homage legal?  Tattoo artist Louis Malloy has previously threatened to sue his sometime celebrity canvas for copyright infringement.  Assuming that Malloy hasn't since assigned his rights in the original artwork to Beckham, he might have no qualms about filing similar claims against a T-shirt designer.  Moreover, the soccer star himself might have a rights of publicity claim under the state law of his new domicile.  For analysis of the issue and advice on avoiding similar skin irritations, check out this recent law review article by Christopher A. Harkins.

Of course, the less athletically inclined could always forego wearing Becks' tattoos in favor of walking a mile in Victoria's shoes